Sam Rhodes Comedy Explosion is Back(ish)

A quick update – Sam Rhodes has announced that he’s running his Comedy Explosion open mic gig at the Rocksteady in Dalson as a one-off trial night on June 10th. If things go well, it could return as a regular weekly gig.

In this context “going well” means people showing up and spending money at the bar – so if you want to help one of the stalwarts of the London open mic scene get going again, come along, watch the show, and buy a drink or three.

The economics of open mics are pretty basic – venues let people like Sam run shows if it brings in significantly more paying customers than would otherwise show up on that night, so the best way to keep the scene going is to support places like the Rocksteady.

I’ll be doing a five spot at the gig, but mostly I’ll be drinking – come and join us.