Doing a Spot at LOLipops Comedy

Last week I did my first spot at LOLipops Comedy – an open mic that runs at a couple of different venues in Southwark on Tuesday and Thursday nights. I did the Thursday night show at The Ship on Borough High St. 

I didn’t really know what to expect from the night, but it ended up being pretty cool because there was a decent audience of after-work drinkers who’d wandered up from the busy bar of the venue. They were all drunk and a little boisterous, but in a way that gave the acts something to bounce off, rather than just being pointlessly disruptive. 

Including the acts, I think there were probably around twenty people in total, so enough for a fun open mic show. I didn’t really know any of the other acts (apart from Camilla Borges) but that’s no surprise these days – since covid a lot of people have quit and a lot of new people have started, so I’m seeing a lot of new faces. 

I tried some of my newer stuff for the second time, and felt a lot more comfortable with it – it went down well enough and I’m already getting ideas for how to build on it – and then wrapped up with Racist Baby, which is developing into a really good bit now that I’ve re-thunk it . 

LOLipops was a great night – good, slightly chaotic open mic fun. All the acts seemed to enjoy themselves, and the audience were obviously having a good time because they all came back for the second half. If you get a chance to do a spot there I highly recommend it. Thanks to Julius Howe for putting me on!

I’m gradually getting back up to speed after a hiatus over summer. I’ve got a reasonable number of spots booked for October and November, and will try to add in a few more. I’ve been wanting to do the Ding Dong Gong Show at Vauxhall Comedy Club on a Sunday night, so I might go along and throw my name in the hat at some point over the next few weeks. I need to get back to Beat the Gong at Up the Creek too, now that I’m feeling motivated about doing new material.

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