Find a Stand-up Comedy Course – London & UK

This page lists every in-person and online stand-up comedy course in the UK.

If you’re thinking of giving stand-up a go, you could just book a spot at an open mic night and see how it goes – but a lot of people find that idea a bit overwhelming, and doing a stand-up comedy course is a great way to take the edge of those newbie-nerves.

Fortunately there are a lot of comedy courses all over the UK, as well as online, run by succesful comedians and promoters who can help you develop the skills you need to get started in stand-up. While most of the courses are run in London, there are plenty in other cities around the country, and many of them offer online versions of their programmes, so wherever you live you should be able to find a course that works for you.

London Stand-up Comedy Courses

We Are Funny Project – Online & North London

We Are Funny Project is one of the longest running comedy open mic nights in London, it’s been putting on two or three shows a week for over ten years and thousands of upcoming comedians have performed here. So it’s fair to say promoter and MC, Alfie Noakes, has seen it all and has developed a good sense of what works for acts.

If you want to benefit from his experience of hosting thousands of shows, he currently offers a couple of different online courses, covering first steps in stand-up comedy, and a guide to MCing, as well as various ongoing in-person workshops and 1-on-1 coaching for new acts.

Soho Theatre Comedy Lab – Central London

The Soho Theatre hosts a range of different comedy courses, including sketch and cabaret. The beginners stand-up course runs over ten weeks, ending with a showcase night, and is taught by Sikisa Bostwick-Barnes, a rising star of the comedy circuit who many new acts will know from her tenure as host at the popular Comedy Virgins open mic night.

Angel Comedy – North London

Running at a couple of venue in Islington, Angel Comedy is one of London’s best loved comedy clubs, and now offers training in the art of stand-up. There’s a five week beginner course, which involves an in-person session once a week (Saturday or Sunday) culminating in a live showcase, and they also offer an MCing course.

Logan Murray – Central London

Logan is the author of the widely recommended book, Get Started in Stand-Up Comedy, and he offers a range of stand-up and comedy writing courses via his website. There are online and in-person options, with the in-person stand-up for beginner courses including a live showcase at the end of the training.

Comedy Store – Central London

London’s best known comedy club runs a seven week beginners course , taught by professional act Mike Gunn.

Amused Moose – Central London

Amused Moose is well known for running comedy shows around London and Edinburgh, as well as awards and competitions. They run a stand-up course for beginners which is hosted by professional comedian, Ian Smith, running over eight weeks with a showcase night at the end.

City Academy – Central London

City Academy offers a wide ranging of performing arts courses, including several comedy courses which cover stand-up for beginners (seven weeks, ending with a showcase night), improv, standup improvers, and an intensive five day comedy summer school. Most of the stand-up courses are run by established act, Kate Smurthwaite.

Showcase night for a standup comedy course.
Showcase night at the end of the City Academy standup comedy course

Crack Comedy – South West London

Crack Comedy is a comedy club which runs nights at venues across south London and also offers this six week stand-up course, run by comedian Erich McElroy. The course takes place at the club’s Kingston upon Thames venue, and covers stand-up for beginners as well as an intro to MCing.

Jill Edwards – Online, Brighton

Jill has been teaching stand-up for over 25 years, and her website boasts an impressive list of former students. She offers a wide range of different courses to suit varying levels of experience, including private one-to-one coaching, and sessions for more experienced performers.

UK Stand-up Comedy Course

Laughing Horse – Online, London, Manchester, Brighton, Edinburgh

Laughing Horse is one of the best known comedy promoters in the UK – they run shows around the country, and a new act competiton, as well as a wide range of stand-up courses delivered by working acts. They offer several courses, for different levels of performers, as well as personal coaching, and even corporate training courses.

Hoopla! – Online, Central London

London based club, Hoopla!, specialises in improv, and they offer an eight week comedy course at venues in Moorgate and Liverpool Street, delivered by comedians Nick Hall and Fran Bushe. At the end of the course you’ll perform your five minute set at a showcase night.

Hot Water Comedy – Liverpool

Liverpool’s favourite comedy club offers a stand-up course for beginners, which runs every Sunday for four weeks, with students delivering a seven minute set in a showcase night. The course is delivered by comedian Freddy Quinne.

Frog and Bucket – Manchester

The course is run by Manchester’s popular Frog and Bucket club. It takes place over 8 weeks on Saturday afternoons, ending with a showcase performance, and is delivered by comedian Dave Williams.